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Re: New version - 1.5.1

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I know exactly what magic find drop better item than normal drop... but it not 39.6% for sure..check data base of game you did something wrong.. drop rate is too low and its not that as is see in my panel.. check it..we are disapoint with this drop rate.. rest update was good.. but fox drop rate . We cant keep playing the game like this

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Re: New version - 1.5.1

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Dear Yakuza.

This is the last post from me before im quit playing this game, after 1.5.0 ver and now 1.5.1 ver the game is dead for me, lower gold and epic drop rates but the mobs got buff. Now this isnt grind game anymore, epic drop base on luck now, no matter how long you play you wont get any epic like what happen to me. Im doing full grind for 2 hour and my score more than 600k i also use elven boots lvl 6 but dont get any epic then new player join and voila after hit 2k score he got epic. Can you imagine what do i feel about that ? Hard work does nothing. Spend 6 hours only got 1 or 2 is the max. This is not grind game more like gambling game now, a lot of my friend now quit play this game because they got bored, playing for hours but got nothing and about daily quest epic drop is also ridiculous too, im doing more than 20 but got zero epic reward even though 18% still none epic reward and this is also happen to my friend and other players too.

Dont get me wrong, i do love this game and i never skip any ads i got because that are my support for this game I even watch ads with chance to get epic for 1% i dont mind cause i love this game and i enjoy it so much il do anything to support this game, but now almost none for epic drop and epic reward and i also lost the "fun" thing about this game. So now i never watch the ads any more and not even try to watch ads to refresh daily quest because that none epic reward. I dont know why you guys do this, lower the gold and epic drop rates to force us doing daily quest and when we do that still got none epic reward.

How long you guys are going to understand what a terrible mistake you guys doing now, so little players online now, the max room you can find now is 2 and the second room now only maybe 4-6 players, players quit playing this game only new player who stay and still play because they dont know the difference between before and after 1.5.0 ver. And can you see no one complaint about drop rates anymore cause they lose hope and maybe they already quit playing too. This is a good game but they dont have good development and good service for players, anyway thank you so much for the "fun" you guys give to me even though now is gone.

Bye guys.

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