New version - 1.2.8

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Re: New version - 1.2.8

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Thwarn wrote:
Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:36 pm
If you’re bored in this game or looking for challenge try the next one! Start farming NOT wearing your highest gear/set! Try rare items again! Or wear again Common set! So funny! With lvl 50 character + common set and try farm alone on 3 map! Not easy! But going with another’s it’s so fun! With my common set is strong as lvl 30!

I was thinking a game in game at PvP room! We can try killing each other fully Rare items wearing! Hmmm... it’s can be show you exactly who is good player or team player!? Not to shabby! Ha...
:D :D :D :D 8-) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I've already done this :D :D
If you see a warrior running around without a shirt or armor that's me kkkkkk :lol:
He needed a tan and some vitamin D....
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Re: New version - 1.2.8

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:))) it’s fun playing like that! Hahaha....

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Re: New version - 1.2.8

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Is there anything after completing cold water park?

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Re: New version - 1.2.8

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yakuza wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:28 pm
Hello! Today new version landed in App Store and Play Store. Below you'll find most notable changes:

  • Extinction effect - mobs that were killed more frequently had tendency to extinct from map, thus were more difficult to reach. It was mostly painful with mobs that were supposed to be killed to complete a quest.
  • Mobs are not afraid of rocks anymore.
  • Weird placement of mobs on radar. The further from player the less accurate was the marker.
  • Bugs with mobs getting randomly stuck on map.
  • Bug with markers being visible on radar/minimap but there was no mob on map.
  • Daggers and Whirlwind skills mechanics.
  • Markers above mobs that should be killed in active quest.
  • Markers on radar and minimap won't be limited by distance if killing this kind of mob is goal of active quest.
  • Maps decorations (grass, trees).
  • Balance.
  • Performance and stability (including crashes during longer sessions).
  • Sorceress's skills now has better visual effects on mobs.
  • Translations.
  • Visual effects of skills.
U call this the only notable changes? U lying shitty dev secretly change the mechanism of drop rate for epic and nerfed epic drop rate from big boi champs very badly and removed epic from warlike, now killed more than 100 warlikes still 0 epics compared to before update 1.2.8 i got 1 epic for killing 10-15 warlike, also killed more than 100 big boi champs over 3-4 days 0 epic compared to before updated 1.2.8 i got 2-4 epics per day, shitty developer secretly nerfed very badly the sole purpose of playing for lvl 50 and didnt show it in this post, now lvl 50 got no purpose to play this game, might as well ask all lvl 50 quit this shitty trash game!!!

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Re: New version - 1.2.8

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hey there,

when will new update come? And what does it include? date and content are ready?

*sorry about my english 8-)

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