Epic Drops

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Slashy McGee
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Epic Drops

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Do different monsters drop epics at different rates? Or do all mobs drop at the same rate, i.e 1st map low level mobs vs harder mobs in broadove?


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Re: Epic Drops

Post by kraal »

The best drops I get are from skeletons. If you get a group of 10 or so, throw a fireball/snow(?)ball and get great loot. I regularly get epic drops from skeletons. On the other hand, kill a champion, or story character with 100k+ health and sometimes receive nothing. Certain monsters drop certain things (read the doc from this forum), however it is probably just pure chance. Multiple skeletons can be killed in a single blast, so it gives you a better chance to get something good.

Champions are meant to have better loot, however as there is a chance you might get nothing - they aren't necessarily the best way to farm for loot. Search for the blobby monsters, skeletons, orcs, hell hounds or anything that goes around in groups, and take them all out at once. The more you take on, the better the chance for some really good loot.

If you need specific things for blacksmithing, then read the doc and find out what monsters drop what materials.

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