Metin 2 Concept

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Metin 2 Concept

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Dear developers ,maybe no more people know Metin2 but check that game and try to "steal" few ideas from there first of all why only 8 players and why 2 mod pvm and pvp is much better if all was in one place like "mod passive and aggresive" much nice and much better ... is 2 years maybe more from start of this game be more creative bring new thinks .In my opinion this game will die soon because is not enought people who wanna play if the game is not improve it... i love this game and i dont want to die this game because i know can be much better ,leave the game to be more then 8 players... seriously 8 players ? Why dont try to do something like channel 1 2 3 4 5 .. i think will be much better with my ideea.. in any case just check that game believe me you can do much better to bring again players ..

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Re: Metin 2 Concept

Post by itssBlue »

Thank you for the thoughts and will check it out, we won't be increasing the maximum amount of players on a map though. As for additional content to the game, we're constantly working on new and exciting things for the future of the game :) we love evil lands!

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Re: Metin 2 Concept

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Good upgrade..good update...good next

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