Idea for new class

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Idea for new class

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A class with exotic weapon - chains with some damaging head, something god of war like, half of mages shot distance, and specialized on enchanting that weapon. So player can dynamically change play style depend on situation.
And enchantments are -
yellow skills:
line one - cold, set slow on mob and makes take more damade from cold while frozen;
line two - fire, increased damage;
green skills:
line one - poison, set a stable dot;
line two - bleeding, set a kind of dot, that depends on mob's activity, such as stand=minimum damage, walk/frozen run=double of minimum and if/when mob run triple damage;
purple skills:
both lines begin with skill that is doing knock back and -10% damage, never critical;
line one - shock, effect of which is when mob is under shock, it takes more often critical hits;
line two - hits damage nearest to target mobs too with some less damage from target.

Sorry, bad english.

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