fourth island

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Not Creed
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fourth island

Post by Not Creed »

are there any plans for a fourth island? if so, when should we expect it?

what additions are being worked on?

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Re: fourth island

Post by Dragoon »

From what I’ve read it’s being built but no date has been given. I’d say 2-3 updates from now is my guess, so like 2-3 months 😒

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Re: fourth island

Post by Astral »

I think 4th map is not that important now game need some kinde of content to make ppl play and get even more atm all we got is grinde i do like it speacly when epic drops lol :mrgreen:
Looking forward for some update it will be nice if Devs could say whats coming and when asap :!:
Peace :ugeek:

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Re: fourth island

Post by yakuza »

Hey! Like Dragoon said there will be new map, but certainly not in next release. I'm not sure if we are absolutely sure what will land in next version, so I'll refrain from any declarations, but I'm sure it'll be something you'll enjoy ;)

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