Ideas for the next update(?)

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Ideas for the next update(?)

Post by zLuxuryX »

Good morning everyone, I would like to propose new ideas for the game:
The first idea is to exchange with other players
The second increase the gain from mob kills because it is really difficult to upgrade the various runes
The third add new worlds and add new missions.
I hope to see an update as soon as possible because I like the game a lot and I wouldn't want to be bored waiting too long.
Thank you. :?

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Re: Ideas for the next update(?)

Post by Jakub1302 »

I add to that list : make something like daily missions, similar to wolf. I must admit, I am already bored. Running around killing things and getting meager amount of coins and no epic gear is tiresome. It would be great to have something extra for the effort : either coins or gems so that we do not lose motivation. I'm in the point in the game where I only open free chests, hoping for an epic drop (which is much greater chance then an in game drop it seems). Thanx for hearing us out and I hope the update is behind the doors.

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Re: Ideas for the next update(?)

Post by yakuza »

We will add daily quests in few months, meanwhile new map will be added to fill the gap. This will also address concerns about currency income.

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