Player Greetings

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Player Greetings

Post by ReaperOFsouls »

It'll be cool if we could wave at each other to acknowledge one another in the world. Different types of greetings would be awesome.
Maybe saying hi.
Team up

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Re: Player Greetings

Post by ᴮᵒᵘⁿᶜᵉ »

I like that.
Good to show some emotions :mrgreen:
I'm friendly and I don't bite :o
Let's play together :)

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Re: Player Greetings

Post by BrianAlt »

Yeah. I tend to swing my sword at people. Not sure if they think it’s aggression or friendliness.

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Re: Player Greetings

Post by Drjoma »

I'm +1 here.

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Re: Player Greetings

Post by Mustavago »

Yes, wave, Hi, Bye, Taunt, Dance - some way to thank someone for their help would be good. :idea:

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Re: Player Greetings

Post by Wikyrn »

I like this idea!
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