Skill mechanics and merchant

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Skill mechanics and merchant

Post by Drjoma »

1) Toxic Gas.
The way it's working is as ineffective as feels broken. It is gas after all, shouldn't it spread like it? Toxic Gas should be like donut where assassin is a hole.
The skullface on it is cool, yet I reliably know, that most people very highly do not like how it looks. Simple to say - can't see a .... anything.
There is an item, it's attack toxic(?) (I don't know original names) looks like green ring with high d.o.t. damage. And it is prismatic enough. So Toxic Gas could look like that. With skullface. And maybe shorter recharge time, very little.
2) Warrior's level 50 skill.
Bladestorm? (don't know names on english)
It looks very awesome. And that's it. Practically unusable. And there is ring for it, the only level 50 epic in game! It attack seven times with long delay and it's attacks look like lightning. And it feels very odd. That lightning storm attack like stick. If that skill would work more like Mage's level 50 attack would be useful. -1 dead skill.
Also those arrows and sword looking attack of warrior that is all about axe are odd too. Why not axe? Please change that on axe skin. Smasher(?) too. That first purple skill.
3) 7500 gold limit on 4th Island is too low compare to 3rd Island's 6000. 9000 at least imho.

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Re: Skill mechanics and merchant

Post by Mustavago »

I agree - I love that enemies are poisoned but mostly - I can't see a damn thing for a while unless I move away. :mrgreen:

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