New version 1.5.0 are not worth it

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New version 1.5.0 are not worth it

Post by Daimonea »

This game ruin by the latest update, how come ?

1. They buff the mobs damage and hp, come on man. Not all every players is strong enough to fight them, only old players with decent gears can survive fighting this mobs, what about us who play not too long like me who play maybe 2 month or player who just start playing this game, thats not fair for us.

2. They buff the mobs but the reward is less or even none, gold drop is cut more than half and epic drop is none, are you insane ? Usually i can get a lot of epic a day, mostly more than 2 epic a day. But now i cant get it, not even 1 epic, not only that even rare drop is so rarely, 95% of mobs and even champ drop is only common items other 5% is rare, this is make the grinding or farming are not worth it.

3. They force us to do quest, by force its mean to watch ads and this quest also make us play solo, because a lot of player going in and out just to do their quest, so what use of co-op then ? No one stay long enough and do grinding or farming together anymore, this is so sad.

4. This game become so laggy and delay now, if i kill mobs the drops not pop out right away, this is annoying.

5. They change the color of normal mobs, its so dark now and some of mobs looks same like evil and hellish hound, corrupt and undead spawn but i love about the color of champ thats make us see clearly.

6. Finding magic is useless now, i use my elven boots lvl 7 but no effect for items drop at all.

7. They change the game to become quest basic game with a lot of force ads, this game should be grinding or farming game not quest game, the soul of evil lands is grinding and farming, do not take that away.

They should fix it this ASAP. Or they will lose players day by day.

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