update 1.5.0

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Conejo malo
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update 1.5.0

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Since the game is unplayable and the changes are bad, so bad, I am going to mention what they did wrong.
1 - Not being able to differentiate monsters by color such as dog, infernal dog, monsters, which before was easy to distinguish and looked 100% better graphically, now everything has a horrible dull tone.
2 - The game went from being a hunting game to a search game, and that makes it lose its magic since you cannot choose if you want one or the other, they simply imposed that new mode without asking the players, and I mean they imposed because playing hunt like before would be wasting time, in 2 hours hopefully maybe I would earn 1k gold.
3 -I think when deciding to increase the difficulty of the game they were very entertained watching Suyeon min K videos, but the reality is that the players have a very distant level, only a few are strong in the game, think of those who They're barely level 45 to 50, even many who have epics level 2 to 3. And skills 8-10 are tough, as if that weren't enough, it took us longer to kill a monster to earn half.
4 - The game graphically sucks, leaving aside how well they did by improving the effects of freezing, poison and fire, everything else, colors, textures was fatal.
5 - Epic fall, before I played and daily won epic objects, many times in lucky strokes I could win 8, now we depend on a chest of 6% probability, since hunting is not worth it for that gold.
6 - The daily missions were not a mistake, nor the customization, but everything else.
7- When killing a troop or leader, the gold and objects take 3 or 5 seconds to fall, which makes the game very slow.

If they did this to monetize the game that would be understandable, I'd rather pay for the game and have it like before the update, than having to see ads every 2 minutes and play just doing missions. In a comment Yakuza said he wanted player opinions, I suggest you read the forum more, see the Evil lands groups on Facebook where there are more than a thousand members, and so you will see from your eyes that this update was a mistake.
I also hope that they are sincere about the future of the game and tell us clearly if this will continue or if they are going to fix it, so none of us lose more time in the game.

Sophie N Ken
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Re: update 1.5.0

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This happens in every game they go from fun to super difficult to make top level whale players happy. There are some people that spend crazy money on the game and after a while it becomes boring for them. Just remember when they change the game they do it for paying players. Players who play for free are considered content. I’ve seen this in every game I’ve played. The problem is as a casual purchaser of gems I don’t like this new content and have to carefully consider any future purchases. Still paying the game though.

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