Saying "A" say "B"

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Saying "A" say "B"

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Obviously there is in elephant in the room about quest sistem. Something should lead to epic after all. So here is my suggestion.

Hidden Quests.
For example,
If player complete ten quests, get an option: hidden quest; quest to kill specific champion. When player take hidden one, the only direction is on which map. Player will have thirty minutes to find out what is needed. (not to complete it, find out conditions) Except kill specific champion one. Once player find out what need to do the quest become open. If find in 5 minutes 90% epic drop from last mob that need to be killed, in 10 minutes 45% chance, later 10%. Something like that.
If player choose to kill specific champion, will have 2 hours to do it and 95% chance on epic, not including the possible epic from the champion as it could be.
It would also promote players to help each other.
And here is next suggestion.
Would be good to have possibility to mark toxic players in personal list. Share them with friends. Of course unmark. Have less chance to meet them on map.

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