Suggestions for the future of Evil Lands

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Suggestions for the future of Evil Lands

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Hello, and greetings to everyone who’s reading :)

This is my first post, though I’ve been playing since release and finally would like to express my ideas for the future, in regards to keeping the current player-base, and hopefully expand it.

These ideas are my own and are not represented/manipulated by anyone else.

Firstly, I like what the developers have done with the last update. Adding new missions and incorporating you having to speak to NPC’s to start a mission allows us players to explore a little more throughout the game. What I think would be great to add is another zone, specifically for those at the maximum level, which gives players a great incentive to grind for that top level. What’s on the island is entirely up to the developers.

Secondly, an economy could be built. There’s a massive opportunity here where you HAVE to use the gems to purchase from other players. This will greatly increase the amount you will earn and motivate the developers to think about future updates. This should’ve been added at the start, but it isn’t too late!

Thirdly, I suggest adding a form of quicker transportation - i.e Horses, majestic broomsticks (to fly), or anything you developers come up with. Lock these behind a paywall to give players another incentive to purchase gems to have this cool privilege.

Finally, something needs to be done about PvP. I’ve never joined a session with more than 2 players, in which they leave because it’s pointless. There’s no incentive to play. The few time’s I have gone against others, they’ve used hacks, which becomes stressful and demotivates me. I’ve tried to report them, not sure if anything was done though.

Anyway, I hope those who have read this can vouch, or at least give some feedback and perhaps elaborate or my ideas!

A special thanks to the developers, carry on what you guys are doing, as I can say myself that I appreciate the efforts you’ve put into the game.

My IGN is “Madgesty”, thank you


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