AllShare Desktop-mode.

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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AllShare Desktop-mode.

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Please improve support for desktop-mode of AllShare.
This is a default screen-mirroring functionally of many recent phones.
On my Huawei P20 pro I can start screen mirroring in "Desktop mode", to TV-Screen, where you can use the phone's screen as touch-pad, but an external keyboard and mouse are preferred in this mode.

From my quick test a few minutes ago, I'm able to:
  1. Launch game in full-screen or windowed mode.
  2. Move character using the standard WASD keys.
  3. Use skills using ZXCV.
  4. Click menu items and scroll using mouse pointer.
What is lacking though to make this mode fully playable seems to be:
  1. NOT able to rotate the camera at all.
    This could use functionality to use the mouse, example right-mouse plus mouse move.
Please add your thoughts if you think of other functionality to improve playing the game on external screens. ;)
Well that's all for now, 3M
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Re: AllShare Desktop-mode.

Post by itssBlue »

Hi there, as this is not a direct Android/iOS device, we do not update/provide additional support for things such as emulators. Thank you for your feedback though!

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