the ring Frozen Stone is nerfed?

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the ring Frozen Stone is nerfed?

Post by johnsbo »

My Wizard's Epic 3lv Frozen Stone Ring's damage was 56, but it changed to 36. What happened?

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Re: the ring Frozen Stone is nerfed?

Post by kraal »

Someone complained about Wizards being too powerful and they cut a lot of stats. My staff was also nerfed - well sort of. They decreased the normal damage, but added elemental damage. This means the staff itself gives more damage (normal + elemental), but all the spells were decreased (normal). I was annoyed at first, but don't mind it. You have to go back to playing as a "lower level" character - more strategy now rather than raw power. Lots of running backwards too. In a perverse sort of way, I am actually enjoying being somewhat weaker than before.

On the plus side, being able to reinforce your gear means you can make up some of the deficiencies quite quickly. Wizards are still able to take on the really powerful monsters due to the long range attacks, and lots of back peddling. We are significantly slower than other classes when taking on mid strength (eg golems/trolls etc) monsters. I was amazed at how fast a level 28 assassin could cut down a golem compared with my level 50 wizard. The difference is that 2 golems take just as long as one for the wizard :)

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Re: the ring Frozen Stone is nerfed?

Post by itssBlue »

Hi there, we didn't make changes because "someone complained". After the Blacksmith update, we assessed all items and made some adjustments to a few items to balance things out :)!

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