Thoughts On the Current State of the Game

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Thoughts On the Current State of the Game

Post by Exre »

This will very likely be the final time i ever make a new post here so if you’re a developer or a part of the team in some other way please read this.

This game looks stunning, the animation(when not lagging) is extremely smooth, the fights look amazing, the maps in my opinion look great. It’s for those reasons that i really like this game.
However there are sadly many severe issues with it and i’m gonna go into them now

The legend material drop rate is insanely slow considering how much legendary items need. And before you ask your obvious question; yes i knew it will be slow as it’s legendary after all, but no, i didn’t expect it will take me 10 more years just to reinforce my gear after i’ll already spend 5-10 years collecting gear duplicates.
I don’t think anyone expects they’ll need to play 5h or more a day for 20 years just to collect the materials. One thing i’m glad i was wrong about is that epic became almost useless with legendary update as i now understand how much easier epic is to reinforce despite it’s reinforcements being similar in strength to legendary ones. However while i think the prices of epic and legendary reinforcements are not unreasonable, the drop rate of certain materials is. Most notably Alexandrite which is unbelievably rare considering the absurd amounts that are needed for legendary gear’s later reinforcements, especially weapons.

We still can’t collect duplicates for items that we’ve already maxed despite being told that this will be made available with the legendary update. Instead we keep losing them for a petty, unfairly small amount of money that we get paid in return.

Mobs score system is still completely unfair for certain mobs. I’ll give you and example for both map 4 and 5
Broadcove: Fallen commanders and undead spawns have similar hp around 6-7k(maybe commanders have a thousand more on average), while undead spawns do almost twice as much damage on every hit. Both mobs seem to have a similar attack speed, they have no special attacks or abilities. 1 commander gives around 1k points while 1 undead spawn gives around 600 points. Why does the monster that is almost twice as strong give almost twice less?
Desert: Insect Abominations and Corruption Guardians have a similar HP(insects usually have around 5k more), they have similar attack speed and damage and abominations can even curse you which corrupt guardians cannot do.
And yet abominations give around 1.5k score while corrupt guards give 2.2-2.5k. Again why does a monster that’s stronger give barely 60% of a weaker one’s score?

Why are mob’s loot tables not public information? I’ve seen people complain about this and i’ve seen you confirm that it’s not public information, but give me a rational reason why not? This seems like very important information. I’ve got a few ideas why it wouldn’t be made public which i’m not gonna go into unless you start ignoring this question.

Do we have to beg for the friend button above the player’s name to be removed? I’ve never a single time added someone with that button on purpose but i did dozens of players by accident. There are multiple other ways to add someone aside from that button and i could not have said it better myself than someone who wrote in disc a while ago:”adding a friend should require at least minimal intent not sth that can happen accidentally so easy” Idk the exact words that were used but he was reporting this same issue and you get the point. Personally i almost never coop together with others unless we’re fighting a big champ yet even on those rare occasions it happens constantly. All it takes is for someone to run into your field of vision on the right side of the screen a moment before you’re about to press and drag to rotate the camera angle and there you go, an unintentional friend request has been sent. Countless people have asked for this to be removed as it certainly does more bad than good so can you please just do it already? Would be nice to have an option to turn off the online/offline and game joining notifications too.

Now for some bugs

-Mobs still constantly lose freeze&poison effects or sometimes even momentarily become invulnerable to damage when switching targets.
This can be extremely obstructive especially if playing with someone weaker than you. For example: i cast a cloud that does over 9k dmg in 6 sec but instead of lasting 6 seconds it can last a second or even less if the monsters switches targets. In this case the power that the weak player contributes to the battle is significantly less than the 8k dmg that was lost from my own skill which was dispelled early.
-Skills with instantaneous damage can have it just as bad under the right circumstances. If someone is lagging or is about to be disconnected from the room and the mob is targeting him, the mob can freeze in position for a few or even 5-10 seconds and any skills that are cast during that time do no damage.
-Another bug when it come to multiple people killing the same mobs is that they just heal their health out of nowhere. In some cases you might’ve almost killed the monster and someone comes running by and the monster heals completely. How are we supposed to properly coop with all these bugs when someone’s presence by itself can harm you and help the mobs more than it helps you? And why are mobs so dependent of the players connection anyways? If the player starts lagging the mobs starts lagging. In other games if a player lags the monster will not lag with him and will continue behaving and attacking him normally even if the player himself doesn’t see anything in the game moving due to his connection being slow for example. Here, even a single person with lag can cause problems on a mob and when we’re talking about big groups of 4-8 players killing big champs or mobs, the mob’s health can jump down and up and the mob itself can get teleported back and forth. This was already said to be improved way back but i see absolutely no improvement. The mobs still act completely dependent on the players connection and when you’re playing with big groups of players it can be an absolute mayhem even if only a few of them have connection problems.
-And what’s going on with the heal totem?
I reported a month before map 5 was released that it doesn’t heal when dashing and it’s still the same.

And last. Personally i’m satisfied with map 5, i like it and it’s definitely a nice new addition imo, but as far as gameplay goes nothing has changed. No events, no new gameplay modes, just killing in the same square kilometre for a decade or longer, multiple hours every day for a mobile game. To me it is not the slightest bit odd that people are pissed and are quitting, in fact it is something that is to be expected.

Here’s my final thought to you.

I know you’re a company and at the end of the day you’re gonna be looking at how to make money, but does it not seem extremely greedy and unfair towards your players to release an update which brings items that would take a player close to 200 thousand dollars to finish meanwhile the team seems to either not care or be incapable of expanding the gameplay or even fix old bugs for that matter, that were reported multiple times, some of them even more than a year ago.
It is clear that the legendary update was released purely for business. I could get by with you releasing this update if the game was in better condition as far as bugs and diversity of gameplay goes, but releasing an update which will either cost one close to 200 grand or a decade of gameplay with the same daily monotonous play style and the same old bugs is beyond ridiculous to me.

Unless you have some questions about what i wrote above, you will not be hearing from me again as i’m extremely disappointed and have pretty much entirely lost trust in your team and hope in this game’s future.

Looking forward to your response

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Re: Thoughts On the Current State of the Game

Post by CamuS »

Hello there,

I’m agree with pretty much everything you said, I already post a similar post (not that long but similar idea)about a month ago but never been published as they said that I need to post it in English even if it was (I’m living in UK for nearly 6 years today so that was quite funny for me…)
Anyway back to the subject, the legendary gear drop is far too slow like you said considering the amount you need to upgrade it, and honestly on the fifth map I really don’t know how you can have fun with only epic gear equipped unless you want to spend 10 min to kill the big ones so the legendary gear becomes almost necessary.

I offered an option: leaving the game free like it is at the moment but offering a payable option (but with a reasonable price obviously)
Something around 15 £ a month and give you a way to obtain daily some legendary gear or material by doing some difficult quest or giving a potion which would boost chance to find some as an example.
Seriously I really played a lot some days (5/6 hours) for at the end nothing, I really don’t think this is enjoyable at the end.
About the lag I’m agree some day someday it’s really too much.
Table loot would be great.
Remove the button to add friend on the top of the player would also be a great idea, as same as you I added many people by accident but never by choice…

Hopefully some changes will happen.

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Re: Thoughts On the Current State of the Game


This man's comments seem right to me.
Statistically it would take us years to complete 1 legendary item lvl 6 + its respective reinforcement something that nobody expected, I suppose a new update will arrive increasing the legendary drop rate so we long for that otherwise this game will die along with our hopes of being strong. One of the most frequent problems is the behavior of mobs that behave according to the connection of each user.

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